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In pursuance of knowledge, people tend to go to institutions, where information is the main product, to achieve the ability to reach for their dreams. Different institutions offer different courses that serve as options towards the career a person wants to undertake. They offer courses which bring out and develop a person’s being as they continue to chase excellence. As colleges and universities support students in fulfilling their goal, they offer a variety of choices that suits the preferences of the enrollees. Acorn House College in particular, support students under the ages of sixteen to nineteen years old. This is an independent institution that provides an advance school-level qualifications training to prepare students in getting into universities.


Let us discover the Acorn House College in this article. Acorn House College is top of all the private sixth form college in Southall, West London that offers GCSE courses. The institution particularly focuses in the field of medicine. With the start of the class already approaching – classes at Acorn House College starts on the 23rd and 30th of August. In this school year, Acorn House still accepts applicants for exam retakes for those who wants to retake their A-Level and GCSE examination papers. It also offers full and partial scholarships for students who need assistance.

Acorn House College is located on the High street in Southall, West London. Southall is a large suburban district in West London. It is connected to the central London through the passages which are linked to Greenford, Harrow, Ealing, Hounslow, and Uxbridge. Its location is near to two supermarkets, banks, post office, and other establishments which are convenient for students.

A – Levels and GCSE Courses

A level or Advanced level is a subject based qualification which is a part of GCE that is being required for students to complete the secondary education. Acorn House offers a two year A-level programs, where it is intended specifically for students who have completed the GCSE courses. It also offers a One-Year Fast-Track A Level Programme that lasts from September to June which focuses on an intensive approach to learning.

GCSE courses ensure the maximization of drawing out of the full potential of the students. Students who are enrolled in Year 10 will take up a two years of GCSE study and those joining in YEAR 9 would learn starting from the introductory topics. In some exceptional circumstances, acceleration courses that could be completed a year early is offered to those exceptionally able students. There is also an 18 month offer of intensive GCSE course for students who wish to retake their GCSE and complete their course.

The knowledge acquired through intensive learning is all worth it for it enhances person intelligence in general. Education is an achievement that should be treasured and utilize by every individual, for it is not only a degree, but also a ticket towards the betterment of oneself and one’s future career. If you want further information regarding Acorn House College, just go to the website:


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