Acorn House College – The Profile of the Establishment

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Every individual in this world has specific dreams which were established since they started preschool. It is the common mission of teachers to create a motivation for their future lives, as they establish an aim at an early age. And by reaching these goals, people have to overcome the different stages in life and knowledge. People have to follow the path of wisdom towards the set ambition. With life being so unpredictable and complex, dreams could be achieved through a variety of methods – may it be through luck, pursuit of knowledge, or hard work. However, the most efficient way to achieve your goals is through studying or the pursuance of knowledge.

To learn new things, different institutions are there to support your undertakings; starting from preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, until college. College is the last necessary stage to completion of education – except for those who are aiming for a master’s degree or doctorate. Acorn house College is an institution that specifically focuses on the medicine field. It is an independent leading organization in Sixth Form College that offers GCSE courses. It is located on the high street in Southall, West London.


Sixth Form Collegerefers to institutions that offers advance school-level qualifications to students from ages 16 to 19 – in some countries; it is termed as junior college. GCSE is a training that would be taken for over one to three years. The GCSE or also known as General Certificate of Secondary Education is an academically rigorous secondary education that is composed of a number of subject or course taken by students in England.

Acorn House College was founded in 1999, as an independent establishment that focuses on the sciences. It provides academically meticulous learning environment to assess the students’ study that could motivate them to aim high achievement. Acorn House commits on supporting students on their education to prepare them a place in universities for the fulfilment of their endeavours. It aims to bring out the capabilities and the potentials of each student through rigorous academic training. The school already has a history of students who have gain admissions towards medical schools and universities. Acorn House College could be applied through personal transaction or online as the institution accepts applications from local students as well as international enrolees who have excelling grades showing a strong academic background. Further information about Acorn College is found in their website.

Pursuing excellence is something that should be recognized and practiced by most students nowadays. It is not just for the sake of personal satisfaction, or achieving ambition, but it is the one treasure that wouldn’t be gone or stolen from us as you walk through the path of success. Knowledge is the best achievement we can have for ourselves as well as the best ammunition in surviving and standing out in life. Pursuance of constant improvement and wisdom is what makes people achieve the one thing they have dreamed since the beginning. Through this, everything is possible, especially if you associate it with hard work, determination and perseverance.

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