5 Interesting Facts about Wheelchairs

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5 Interesting Facts about Wheelchairs

Wheelchair is the kind of chair that has wheels. This is a device that has many variations allowing a user to manually propel the front wheels by their hands or by using electric propulsion that is using motors. Frequently there are handles behind the wheelchair seat that can be pushed by the user’s companion. Wheelchair can offer great help to a person who is suffering from their health and cannot walk alone without this.

Apart from the facts that you have known above, there are other interesting facts that you may be excited to know about. The following five facts will make you blown away:

  1. George Klein is the name of the talented inventor of the first electric wheelchair that is being used now by some. He got this brilliant idea during the World War II right after seeing numerous veterans seriously hurt and injured during the vicious war.
  2. There are so many functions that the wheelchair can do. From the manual to electric, light to ultra light wheelchair and other innovative wheelchairs that are being used by different people depending on what it is going to be use for them. Wheelchairs may be adjusted based on the user’s needs. It can be tilt for standing, recline for seating and elevate for the legs.
  3. Sling seat and captain’s chair are the 2 types of seating for the electric chairs. Sling seat looks like a seat of a regular wheelchair while captain’s chair is like a seat of a vehicle. These seats could matter to other users because of the comfort that it can provide to them.
  4. There are different sizes and styles of wheelchair that you can choose. There are customizable, folding, compact models that are good for those people who love to travel. Mostly wheelchairs are comfortable and can be designed based on the standard weight of the person using it. The ultra light wheelchair is one of the most comfortable wheelchairs you can have.
  5. Other wheelchairs have joystick so it can be navigated easily. Aside from joystick, another option for navigation is the use of other controls like chin control or the sip scanner. Those are being used in electric wheelchair. Other wheelchairs are manual because they are standard and can be used for any other purposes. Just like the ultra light wheelchair and other standard wheelchairs.

From manual to electric and from light to ultra light wheelchair, and many other types of wheelchairs are available in different style, design, uses and weight. But the main purpose of this is for a person to be comfortable in their everyday life. Choosing the right wheelchair for your everyday use is important so you would not feel any sore from your back or neck when you are seating on your personal wheelchair. Wheelchairs from hospitals are the standard ones because it is mostly used by many patients every now and then. Electric wheelchair is for those that have severe condition on their body that they need more innovative wheelchair.

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